About Us

Join us at Ohori Judo Club, where Judo enthusiasts of all ages and levels thrive. Our purpose-built dojo and experienced, certified instructors provide an ideal learning environment. We offer classes for beginners to advanced Judokas, emphasizing respect, perseverance, and camaraderie. Our curriculum balances physical techniques with the mental and philosophical aspects of Judo.

Engage in regular classes, workshops, and events to enhance skills and forge friendships within the Judo community. Ohori Judo Club is more than a training space; it’s a hub for personal growth and community connection. Embrace the journey of self-improvement and physical fitness with us, where every session is a step towards becoming not just a better Judoka, but a better individual.


Our very experienced team of coaches includes Stewart and Cathy Brain, Aya Topp,
Hiro Hirose, Scott Bannister, Ellen Wright, Tabatha Croton and Tomomi Etani.
With these coaches, we can offer many classes at different levels so we can
challenge players to reach their full potential.


Stewart Brain and Cathy Grainger-Brain are prominent figures in the world of Judo, particularly in Australia, and are the founders of the Ohori Judo Club.

Stewart Brain is an Australian Judoka who represented his country at the 1988 Summer Olympics in the men’s lightweight event. His accomplishments extend to the 1986 Commonwealth Games, where he participated in the Judo demonstration sport event and secured a bronze medal in the 71kg weight category. Stewart’s Judo career is marked by his commitment to the sport and his representation of Australia on an international level.

Cathy Grainger-Brain, born in Canberra, Australia, is another distinguished Judoka. She competed in the 1988 Olympic Judo demonstration event and represented Australia in the half-lightweight women’s category at both the 1992 and 1996 Summer Olympics. Cathy’s significant achievement includes a bronze medal in the women’s half lightweight category at the 1990 Commonwealth Games.

Together, Stewart and Cathy Brain bring a wealth of experience and achievement in Judo. Their participation in the Olympics and Commonwealth Games highlights their dedication and skill in the sport. As founders of the Ohori Judo Club, they bring this rich legacy to the training and development of new Judo enthusiasts, offering a blend of competitive spirit and deep understanding of Judo’s principles and techniques. Their contribution to Judo, both as competitors and coaches, makes the Ohori Judo Club a notable institution for learning and practising Judo in Australia.

For more detailed information about their careers and achievements, you can visit their profiles on Wikipedia: Stewart Brain and Cathy Grainger-Brain.